I've worked with Markiewicz-Deverick Associates for over 10 years and believe their organization provides invaluable account expertise and sales ability. The economy may ebb and flow, but they always remain steadfast in their sales efforts. I recommend other manufacturers to explore the possibilities with them and I offer my endorsement with great confidence.

Frances Lee
Target Marketing Systems/Buylateral Group
I have and still continue to rely on and respect the Markiewicz-Deverick group since 1992. My first association with their company was when I was responsible for setting up distribution for a company called Radica. Having been relocated from Europe to the United States, I was so appreciative of their marketing expertise and their deep association with many key accounts. They were very instrumental in achieving the Radica distribution. Likewise, for the last 9 years with my own company "Reczone".

Having spent more than 25 years in the Toy and Gift market, I have realized it to be very rare that strong relationships remain intact for such a length of time. This however is certainly the case with the Markiewicz-Deverick Group. They continue to have remarkable knowledge of the industry and strong association at all levels with those involved. It is with this that I personally continue to enjoy a straight forward partnership and would recommend others accordingly.

Graham Cotton.
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